Personal IP sketches

This is a new (for me) technique I’m practicing, which is make shapes with marker, then try to see creatures in the blobs, just like seeing things in clouds. I have a box of used markers from someone else, and at first really disliked them for making awkward strokes and big blobs of shapes that bleed right through onto the next page. Then I realize the paper is still thick enough for me to draw design on both sides of the paper, plus the marker strokes are mostly uniform without a lot of edges. Most importantly, it’s a way to put abstract ideas down quickly so later on I can come back to pick and choose on details.

These are creatures I designed partly for practice, and partly for my lovely girlfriend’s IP of a Planet X that’s been recently settled by humans. There are a bunch more, but I’ll not spam this post with sketches now 🙂
IMG_6904 IMG_6905 IMG_6908 IMG_6901


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