Duality-52 : Longhorn Scuttle Stad


The aptly named Longhorn Scuttle Stad hails far, far away from both Texas and Spain. It’s about the size of a medium horse, and has a mild enough temperament that some bored or dared homesteader on Duality-52 eventually strapped a saddle to its back, and rode it. Ever since then, these long-suffering jumbo shrimps have had their unicorn horn sawed off to accommodate many riders of many temperaments. They might spit mightily in your face a mucus that does not wash off. It is nick named “The Spitting Shrimp”.

Duality-52 is a world-building project being developed by the very skilled and art-loving Johanna Rupprecht, and yours truly. Duality-52 is a fictional alien planet that is tidal locked, and these are the creatures that live within its habitable band zone.

This is an assignment done for Anthony Jone’s Robotpencil Mentorship.


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