Duality-52 : Ruprokva’s Moby


These brilliantly rainbow colored kelp eaters towers over the rest of the fauna in the valleys of Duality-52. They get the top picks of the crop, and their size gives them protection from most dangers. They seems mindful of the little creatures on the ground, as they are often seen taking literal steps to go around the small human explorers in their direct path to avoid trampling the people. Their first discoverer named them after, and for, her literature-loving wife.

​Duality-52 is a world-building project being developed by the very skilled and art-loving Johanna Rupprecht, and yours truly. Duality-52 is a fictional alien planet that is tidal locked, and these are the creatures that live within its habitable band zone.

This is an assignment done for Anthony Jone’s Robotpencil Mentorship.


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