Thumbnail Practice – Start!

I want to get better at making inspiring concept designs – focusing on creatures and monster now. I’ve no idea how to get better at making cooler stuff though. Right now I’m trying to get used to regularly putting out ideas in thumbnail form – a practice previously never done and much feared here.

What’s happening with these practice is that I’ll pick 1 reference or inspiration source – a photo or an object – and just squeeze out designs based on that 1 thing. To give this practice more focus than that, I figured I might as well make all these thumbnails related to the world of Duality-52, in this nice, cheap, fresh sketchbook (it was an excuse to break open a new sketchbook….). The exercise is restricted to 1 hour only, and will be streamed on to make sure I stay in line.

So here are kelp thumbs for the Kelp Forest from Day 1 and 2, followed by Day 3 – today – which is a Black Prairie inhabitant. All these names are kind of temporarily thrown out there so I can name and categorize things. I probably should have a proper discussion about naming things with Johanna, in case she wants to call it Miso Maze and Meadow of Hell or something, haha! 😀




Also been practicing how to sculpt thing in 3D Coat while free trial lasts. The results so far, however, are ….. premature for sunlight. *cough*


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