Thumbnail Practice – day 7

Today dragged on a bit just under 2 hours. Reference was a very small pumpkin with skin blemish. I’ve been feeling under the weather the whole day, and couldn’t think of much ideas. I think this is good practice but I’m still having trouble doing just small, 2″ fast shapes, as thumbnails seem to supposed to be.

Also, my good friends gave me a tiny mouse skeleton they found in the wall while renovating their house. The skull was very much in tact, as well as the spine, and femurs. So I took it easy today and sketched the mouse skull.



2 thoughts on “Thumbnail Practice – day 7

  1. You have the best friends!
    “Hey Yen, I found something dead in my wall. U want it?”

    Cool thumbnails! I admire your line quality. It’s really cool to see all the ways you used the pumpkin reference.


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