Thumbnail studies

A few days ago my purchase of Terryl Whitlatch’s 2 new books on creature design arrived. I haven’t read through all the text yet, but I did some studies of her lizard and amphibian drawings, thinking it’ll help me get the orthographic views of my next modelling exercise to look better. I also used the studies to guide my most recent thumbnail exercises.

These new thumbs are using the new 10% markers I got on sales. Truth be told, while the light shading is nice, I don’t think it justifies all those plastic wastes from every marker. So I finally dedicated one of my water brush to holding diluted black watercolor. I tried Sumi ink as well as waterproof comic inking India Ink, but the thing is Sumi ink clumps together a bit like honey does when it sits around, and India Ink dries on the some-what exposed brush tip, and doesn’t dissolve when washing in water again. So while black watercolor is quite weak, it’s the safest choice for the water brush’s longevity.




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