Imaginative Illustrators of NYC – Mercenaries

This week on Imaginative Illustrators of NYC! Mercenaries! As usual Ryan the story factory whipped up briefs for 4 armed groups that already sounds like part of a game. I drew at random and got: “The Night Owl Syndicate. Taking up the symbol of the owl, they are highly intelligent as well as deadly, specializing in nighttime operations.”

Doing this sketch group is by far the best practice for any concept artist because you never control what kind of brief client or AD give you, and you just have to come up with something without excuses or running away to distractions. So, thank you Ryan!

Since I don’t do weapons or soldiers, I subconsciously steered towards comfort zone while drawing. In the end the most mercenary part of him is the butt of a rifle. Will challenge myself more and be far less precious about these next time!




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