Wraith Demon


Inspired by the Buddhist belief that three main “poisons” affect our daily thoughts and actions if we don’t guard against the poison, one of which is Wraith. Wraith comes in many forms and severity other than the red/black burning rage. More often than not, we don’t voice our dissent and displeasure for many diverse reasons. We keep the feelings in, and bury them. Like an experiment gone wrong, those feelings ferment and concentrate into corrosive poison drops. Soon, these ghastly ooze eats its way out to the surface, defiling what was once pure and graceful. Our thoughts might turn bitter and black, our words turn sour and sharp, and our action turn rough and thoughtless. Once Wraith wiggles loose, the untrained ones of us are often reduced to powerless witness to the carnage it brings on. Or worse, having our eyes blinded by our feelings, we become one with Wraith as it slithers aimlessly for as long as we feed it.  Wraith is immortal and powerful, but not immune to change. With good training, anyone can cleanse and pacify this demon, and finally unshackle it to transform Wraith into its counterpart – Compassion.



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