Returned from IFCC

I went to this year’s IFCC, with my girlfriend, who’s a great concept artist, and put extra 2 days before and after the conference. Now I’m not sure what I was thinking when booking that, maybe to sleep off jetlag or something. It means not a whole lot of sight seeing beautiful Croatia, but just enough time to see something, while catching up on rest. The first thing we visit after landing was the Plitvice Lakes National Park. It was the most crowded scene I have ever seen besides the sakura blossom in Washington D.C. We didn’t have much a chance to sketch until the very end where we sat near a shuttle station’s bathroom building.


During the event I was not in the right mode to sketch anything, but I did took some photos in my smartphone. While waiting for my flight home and while in the plane flying, I drew and painted a few from those photos. I’ve had these watercolor blank postcard for a long time, and wanted to do exactly this. It feels good to finally have done it, although being stuck waiting in a plane for hours is about the only justification I can find for spending time doing this.







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