Demons in my mind

Last week was a bit preoccupying for me, and it felt good to not plan but just draw instinctively for a change. I still planned, and will see what fruits bear from that.


No internet for a week

The internet and landline at our place has been down a week, which made several things rather inconvenient but all managed somehow. Recently I have been trying to adopt the D3 style. These are two drawn tests. Now I need omove on to making painted, color POC. 

Floral Foal trots on spot

Final render of Floral Foal mount for MMO type games. And this is the last image of the batch! It was fun to do!


An additional sheet with new top view:


Floral Foal decides what to wear

Turning it around to make a front view was surprisingly challenging. Kept changing the front view between cooler chunky and more realistic horse proportions. In the end I went with more realistic first. Always go for correct first, get it, then bounce off to find a style.



Floral Foal color exploration

They’re all based on plants parts. I got to finally use all those flower photo refs!


Fantasy Foul Floral Foal concept – lines

Exploration of an initial idea from a previous Imaginative Illustrators of NYC:


Secret Spot


Nothing beats a nice seaside view with your partner from a secluded corner in a forest.