Creature anatomy with Terryl Whitlatch! pt.1

I haven’t posted in half a year! It all started with the beginning of an online class called Creature Anatomy with Terryl Whitlatch, provided by Schoolism. The course was intense with lots of work, and really put some anatomy knowledge into my head – so much so that I could listen to an episode of Bones and knew which body part they were talking about without looking at the screen! *ahem*, but that’s not the point of this course. Doing the work to above and beyond the requirement is always the best way to learn – the work always teaches, but the instructor guides you to the max learning route. These are what I did for the course. If I can do it over and change something, I would definitely be less elaborate with the skeleton and muscle drawings, and redirect the time and effort into do more action poses as well as color and surface texturing.  I would also check my library for animal anatomy books right at the beginning of course to buffer the request transit time. I would also start with silhouette and surface page right away, because that really does save a lot of time and grief.


Starting off with human anatomy, and I learn some new things! Such as boobs are not attached at the base to the chest muscles.




Usually each assignment starts with doing study sketches of the animals I will use in my hybrid. Then, it’s time to start thumbnailing:


Once an idea is set, it’s best to start with the surface drawing, then work down to these inside view drawings. I’ve omitted the surface view drawing for this hybrid because… I really don’t like how it turned out. scan063scan065


The mentored version of Schoolism courses are indeed on the expensive side. If you can discipline yourself, or find buddies to keep you accountable, and to give you constructive and honest crits on your assignments, the assignments you’ll do are designed based on each instructor’s massive experience to really teach you something.