Sketch dump – zoo animals

After finishing Creature Anatomy with Terryl Whitlatch, I was out of country for a spell. While out and about, I had access to rather cheap but humongous and new zoo. I often did zoo sketching, as well as life model sketching. I didn’t like how fuzzy and blurry pencils sketches often are, nor how they easily smudged over time. I later colored some of the animal sketches to define them better and thus making them better visual notes. For coloring, I used reference photos, except one of the Swinhoe’s Pheasant, which was done on site with the bird peering curiously at me painting it. These flamingo sketches were confusing to look at, and fuzzy and loose to remember what I saw by. I decided to clear them up by adding colors. The Swinhoe’s Pheasant, like many other birds, has such dazzling feather colors, that no painting will ever do a live one justice.


Sketching live animals is certainly challenging, but much more than that, a lot of fun! I called upon every strand of knowledge of animal anatomy and form previously collected, and just did my best to capture the spirit of the animal I’m sketching.

Seeing a lion 3 feet away for the first time gave me feels that no amount of BluRay documentaries on large, wall screens ever gave me.



I also sketched nude models again since years ago. Doing so always feels refreshing and challenging in a good way! Much more interesting and informative than sketching from photos of nude models. On most days, I prey on unsuspecting folks who had wandered into my sight…



One thought on “Sketch dump – zoo animals

  1. Your sketches and studies are so lovely! The color you did later on really adds a lot of life and charm to them. You did a really great job capturing their essence and behaviour, especially in the flamingo ones. Good job on the life sketches of humans too. You’re really good at conveying form in drawing, I can almost feel their volume just looking at your sketches.

    Keep it up ❤

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