Studies, Sketches, and Santé!

I’m going to try and do daily stuff for a while – tentatively aiming for 50 for now. It’s easier to do repetitive stuff when you’re doing it with a partner, friend, or artist spouse, and they hold you accountable so laziness doesn’t have a chance to whisper insidiously into your ears, “It’s okay to skip today… you’re tired~~



Today’s daily is Bronze. This isn’t really a study anymore, not after I got instantly bored with my first attempt to study a bronze age ‘din’ from Shan Dynasty. Instead I just made bronze dragon scales using the color palette I already setup from that ‘din’ photo. Since it’s a weekend, I got to spend more time – way, way too much time – on finishing this up. You don’t want to know just how small a percentage of total time was on actual painting, and how much more went into positioning, warping, and smoothing over the seams… but they’re dragon scales, so they were fun. This is a 2k tile-able.



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