Haru the Hare Samurai


Weekly themed drawing meetup Imaginative Illustrators of NYC. Theme of that week was “Rabbits”, which we all thought was going to be so easy. We were so wrong… People were like, “…how many fingers do they have again?” or “Where exactly do the ears go?”, and everyone who’s got their phone was scrubbing Google Images for answers! I had sadly just my swiss-cheese-memory brain, so Haru the Hare Samurai only had a nice head on top of a stick figure with 2 rectangle “shoulder pads”… until I stayed up late one night and finally polished him up at home with my own set of image search results.

“Haru had an unusual dream for a hare – to become a samurai. His family and friends were both bemused and horrified. “You’re too small and skinny to be a samurai! Those big guys will totally destroy you!”

But Haru wouldn’t listen. He was rejected by samurai trainers, and was more than once almost caught stealing samurai lessons up in a tree or from a hole in a wall. But every time he escaped with hare-like speed and reflexes. Well, he _was_ a hare! He honed his samurai skills by grabbing any lessons from anywhere any way he could, and by practice fighting with sticks. Finally, he did become recognized as a samurai, and served and fought as equals with other samurais.

Haru the Hare Samurai fought skirmishes and battles alike, using his speed to fight in a world of giants, gaining victories after victories. Eventually, fate and age turned against him, and he was killed after being cornered by 3 tiger samurais. While many would say, “I told you so, bunnies can’t be samurais.”, history will not forget the fact that Haru had one of the longest serving/surviving record in this kingdom.”


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