Studies, Sketches, and Santé!

I’m going to try and do daily stuff for a while – tentatively aiming for 50 for now. It’s easier to do repetitive stuff when you’re doing it with a partner, friend, or artist spouse, and they hold you accountable so laziness doesn’t have a chance to whisper insidiously into your ears, “It’s okay to skip today… you’re tired~~



Today’s daily is Bronze. This isn’t really a study anymore, not after I got instantly bored with my first attempt to study a bronze age ‘din’ from Shan Dynasty. Instead I just made bronze dragon scales using the color palette I already setup from that ‘din’ photo. Since it’s a weekend, I got to spend more time – way, way too much time – on finishing this up. You don’t want to know just how small a percentage of total time was on actual painting, and how much more went into positioning, warping, and smoothing over the seams… but they’re dragon scales, so they were fun. This is a 2k tile-able.




This is more of a post for my own amusement, where I took dragons from my sketchbook folder, from ancient times to the most current, and compile them together. Just to see what’s there. Conclusion: I need more dragons.



Flightless Pegasi Fun!

Haughty Sonny is the son of Fara, the Ostrich Tribe chieftain, and he is proudly touting that lineage today in front of the ladies. A pegasus needs all the advantage he can get during mating season, and cheating is not uncommon! But of course such cheap tricks like putting on make up to bolster his colors is quite unnecessary for Sonny, what with his noble blood line, and stunning good looks. He even has a bird butler to preen that hair curl he is so proud of – no other ostrich has it! He’s totally killing it!


I came up with the idea of drawing or painting some flightless pegasi one day because that would be funny, I thought. Why the gold font? Because I want to, and I can! My girlfriend made it, and it makes everything looks awesome.

Sketch dump – inktober and digital still life

These are from Inktober attempt this year. I made it into the 2nd week before losing track and stopping. This year, I drew them on blank cards bought from art supply store, and gave them all away to a family-ran café.


Back home once more, I started doing more digital studies to get more practice in. I still lean towards studying from life, even though that limits my range of study somewhat, but all are one, and one is all, *serious nod*


Floral Foal trots on spot

Final render of Floral Foal mount for MMO type games. And this is the last image of the batch! It was fun to do!


An additional sheet with new top view:


Floral Foal decides what to wear

Turning it around to make a front view was surprisingly challenging. Kept changing the front view between cooler chunky and more realistic horse proportions. In the end I went with more realistic first. Always go for correct first, get it, then bounce off to find a style.



Floral Foal color exploration

They’re all based on plants parts. I got to finally use all those flower photo refs!


Fantasy Foul Floral Foal concept – lines

Exploration of an initial idea from a previous Imaginative Illustrators of NYC:


Wraith Demon


Inspired by the Buddhist belief that three main “poisons” affect our daily thoughts and actions if we don’t guard against the poison, one of which is Wraith. Wraith comes in many forms and severity other than the red/black burning rage. More often than not, we don’t voice our dissent and displeasure for many diverse reasons. We keep the feelings in, and bury them. Like an experiment gone wrong, those feelings ferment and concentrate into corrosive poison drops. Soon, these ghastly ooze eats its way out to the surface, defiling what was once pure and graceful. Our thoughts might turn bitter and black, our words turn sour and sharp, and our action turn rough and thoughtless. Once Wraith wiggles loose, the untrained ones of us are often reduced to powerless witness to the carnage it brings on. Or worse, having our eyes blinded by our feelings, we become one with Wraith as it slithers aimlessly for as long as we feed it.  Wraith is immortal and powerful, but not immune to change. With good training, anyone can cleanse and pacify this demon, and finally unshackle it to transform Wraith into its counterpart – Compassion.


Rage Demon WIP

A screen shot of the progress on the rage demon. It has change a lot and the colors flipped completely, but this one is final. Just need to render it. This is based on the rage poison from Buddhist believes.


Rage demon

Progress on Rage demon so far. Still need a lot of snapped chains and oozes of poison flying around. Why didn’t I just do those tonight? I’m at the squinty-eyes tire stage.




It has been a very good day to work on Rage, but it’s still far from looking enraged.

All 3 of them should be done by 2/22, but at this point I will estimate 1.5 for quality, and 2 if I go sloppy on the second one for the sake of quantity and turnover rate for my portfolio.

Studies and application + 1 thumbnail

Duality-52: Fungal Thrall


These little rodents live in the Fungal Forest along side the Queen’s Hat. However, instead of a symbiosis, the Fungal Thrall is completely taken over by the parasitic fungi. The fungi colony takes over parts of the rodent, and maintains the body so the host often ends up “living” longer than its natural lifespan, with no will of its own. When the host body finally breaks down enough to become immobile, the fungi colony will sense this, and morphs into hibernation mode. When a new, suitable host comes near and triggers the hibernating colony, it’ll spring back to life, infecting any suitable hosts within range.

​Duality-52 is a world-building project being developed by the very skilled and art-loving Johanna Rupprecht, and yours truly. Duality-52 is a fictional alien planet that is tidal locked, and these are the creatures that live within its habitable band zone.

This is an assignment done for Anthony Jone’s Robotpencil Mentorship. ​

Duality-52: Plains Hunter


A fast runner and a tireless hunter on the dark purple grass plains towards the shadowy side of Duality’s Goldilocks zone. They live along side the Red-Eye Drake, which they also prey upon if they can catch one alone. The Plains Hunter have a powerful crunching bite that can crack any shell. They sometimes do put their bodies flat down beneath the top of the tall, purple grass to hide. They are the last thing you want to encounter on the plains.

​Duality-52 is a world-building project being developed by the very skilled and art-loving Johanna Rupprecht, and yours truly. Duality-52 is a fictional alien planet that is tidal locked, and these are the creatures that live within its habitable band zone.

This is an assignment done for Anthony Jone’s Robotpencil Mentorship.